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q  Ethiopia is one of the oldest civilizations with a history of 3,000-5,000 years located in the eastern part of Africa. The nation has never been colonized. This allowed us to retain our own culture, alphabet as well as calendar.

q  It is still one of the poorest nations though the economy is growing with double digit in the last 8 years. We are experiencing democracy though it has so many limitations. It is a peaceful and stable nation.


q  Christianity has come to this nation as early as 33A.D though officially declared as a state religion in the 4th A.D. Currently, Christianity constitutes 62% of the total population which is around 88 million.

q  Evangelical Christianity is one of the fastest growing religion in the nation as well as in Africa.



The Ethiopian Emmanuel United church was born and evolved out  of    the Ethiopian Orthodox traditional Coptic Church  twenty years ago as a result of a God-initiated national movement of reformation  throughout the nation for the first time in the history of Ethiopia

 Following the fall of the Derege Communist government, followers of the Orthodox Church returned back in great numbers with devotion and hunger for God. This resulted in the strengthening of Sunday Schools as well as the daily regular evening gospel meetings.TsewaMaheber/just like small group/has also flourished.

 Soon, we started asking questions like how to get saved, what about Jesus, etc especially the youth. We had also discussed about these things among ourselves and we become skeptical about the teaching of the church and the lifestyle of the priests. The setting as well as the stage for revival has been prepared.

Finally, the Lord has enlightened our heart to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Since then, the Lord is no longer distant. We started calling his Name as MY SAVIOR AND NOT ONLY THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD. The death and resurrection of Jesus is no more a creed but life. We were so excited by this experience of NEW BIRTH. We had started singing new songs in its content and style as well. These songs had brought us close to God and our hearts becoming increasingly warmer and warmer.

We have all started preaching the good news among the Sunday school students in the church. These things were not liked by the authorities of the church. They were also threatened because of the nature of the movement. Persecution broke out in the Coptic Orthodox Church and we had officially been excommunicated from the church.

All movements which were taking place all over the country joined together to establish the Emmanuel United Church of Ethiopia with the spearheading role of Nazareth Reformed Group located 100 km far from the Capital

The establishment and joining  of New reformed groups as well as the planting of local churches has been the main source of growth .

Current status

q  The church has been able to grow to 300 local churches in all parts of the country with a total number of around 79,000 members.

q  The church is legally registered with the government and the member of the evangelical churches fellowship of Ethiopia

 Vision, mission and strategy

EUCE is committed to remove disgrace from Ethiopia and bring God's salvation, healing and  transformation to this nation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are a church with a mission of making disciples of all nations.

We highly uphold the role of the local church in the enterprise of God's kingdom

Strategic priorities

Towards achieving our vision and mission, we have selected certain strategic priorities.

1.       Evangelism and Church Planting 

2.       Leadership Development

3.       Resource Development

4.       Organizational Capacity Building

5.       Fighting Poverty

6.        Preparing  the Next Generation

7.       Church planting and Evangelism

We have been able to plant around 178 local churches in the last five years. It is our dream to plant 250 churches in the next five years especially in those unreached or least reached parts of the country there by we can blanket the nation with churches of Jesus Christ, the primary agent of healing and transformation.

Many of the churches has been able to double the number of believers in the last 5 years. We will continue to do so in the next five years.



Jesus has said that the Harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Therefore, it is very crucial to develop leaders for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

We have been able to train more than 500 leaders of local churches through our satellite bible school and be able to train more than 40 leaders with BTH and above by sending into seminaries and bible colleges of other denominations.

We aspire to have our own campus based bible school in the next 5 years.

4.Organizational capacity building

We have a board and head office

We  have been established regional offices so far  at Addis Ababa, Nazareth, and south central.

Local churches have ordained pastors and a body of elders who have the full responsibility to oversee the local affairs

v  We really struggle with basic logistics for ministry

5. Resource development

The offerings, tithes and generous gifts are the primary sources of funding for almost all the operations of the church. Teachings on being good stewards of God's gift has been given on regular basis in all of the churches.

We are also encouraging the local churches to empower their members as well as  get involved in business activities.

We are also working hard to develop partnerships inside and outside of the country.

6. Fighting poverty

It has been commanded not to forget the poor in the scripture. Currently, we have been able to care for more than 1500 orphan and 300 widows in the community primarily using local resources.

We are also working in partnership with compassion through our locally funded relief and development organization and we have been able to sponsor 1250 children coming from poor families. 

We have also been able to open up around five schools to serve the community. We will continue to do so until there are schools  in every local church

There should be no needy person among the community where our church is located so that we will  be remembered for being the  repairers of the broken wall in our nation.

7.Preparing the next generation

Ø  Research has shown that over 50% of the church members are age 14 and less.

Ø  It is an opportunity for the church to equip these children for the they are the ones who will be the next preachers, pastors and professionals of the nation

Ø  We will be targeting college and university students in the next five years


Ø  Islamic radicalization and expansion

Ø  Secular humanism and post modernism

Ø  poverty


To cope up with the growth of the church and to give a biblical response to our challenges, there are certain needs that need to be met.

§  Missionary support

§  Sponsoring training events


Ø  God has been doing tremendous things in Ethiopia through our movement.

Ø  Almost five new local churches plant in every month.

Ø  God has turned the heart of our people back to Him.

Ø  There are lots of evidences that show the harvest of the Gospel in Ethiopia is ready and plenty.

Ø  So, we would like to invite you to get involved in this work so that may God will bless you and also you will enjoy by seeing how our nation will be filled by the knowledge of the glory of God soon

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