Ethiopa Emmanuel United Church

The church`s believe and mission


1. To preach the gospel to the whole world and plant the church by the power of the Holy Ghost.

2. To prepare the righteous for the holistic ministry by teaching, correcting and making them perfect for Christ.

3. To bear faithful and loyal leaders in the church.

4. To create Christian fellowship according to the purpose of the gospel.

5. To make the church manifest in the good and righteous work in the community and accomplish her responsibility of being light and salt.


1. God is one yet manifest himself in the three bodies as Father, son and Holy Spirit.

2. God has authority over all and manifest through creation, in the salvation of the human beings and the final judgment.

3. The Bible is written by the divine guidance, reliable and perfect and has power over the faith and style of life.

4. Because of the fall of man, Adam and all men are sinners and fall under the wrath of God.

5. Salvation from the wrath of God and the power of sin be obtained by the death of Jesus Christ, the son of God who has become a ransom for us.

6. Jesus Christ was resurrected in the flesh from the dead and taken to heaven and sat at the right hand of God the Father.

7. The sinner man gets repentance by the work of the Holy Ghost after the sinner heard about the reasons of Jesus death.

8. The sinners imputed to be righteous by the grace of God after believing in Jesus Christ.

9. Holy Ghost works in the life of the believers.

10. To believe in the Body of Christ, the church that contains genuine believers, one hope, one spirit, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, above all, work in all and live in all one God, Father of all.

11. To wait for the second advent of Jesus Christ.

12. We believe in the resurrection of the dead the everlasting judgment and the everlasting life (eternal life).

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