Ethiopa Emmanuel United Church
EEUC Board


Before the Head Office came to Addis Ababa in 2004 by the decision of the general conference of the leaders, Nazareth Emmanuel united church served as a guardian because of a tremendous contribution of the church. The office was in Nazareth before transferred to Addis Ababa. Because of the gap of organizing the Head office, the head office workers together with other servants accomplished the work of the board. Through time the Head office completely set apart from the board, the dominion has its own board and the daily routine accomplished by the president and Head Office workers. In the Emmanuel United Church of Ethiopia, a board member can be elected by the general meeting of leavers and can be elected two times and serve for eight years. To be nominated for the third time, one has to take rest for four years. Now the church has been led by three presidents including the present one, Pastor Daniel Alemayehu has taken the first effective and power spiritual leader of this church and Dr. BezalemFisseha has become the second effective and powerful spiritual leader. He has led the church for eight years and the third effective and powerful leader is Pastor GetahunTadesse. He is still working as a president of the Ethiopian Emmanuel United Church.

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