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Emmanuel United Church Development and Relief Association / EUCDRA

I.                  Introduction

Emmanuel United Church Development and Relief Association / EUCDRA/ is a local NGO which targets the needy people of the country Ethiopia. This Country has a lot of problem which retards its fast development that came from the previous many years backwardness in poverty, poor Governance, War and Environmental deterioration.

 However the country Ethiopia the eastern part of Africa continent by nature has different weather conditions in its different regions, available for big agricultural farms.  Out of 80 million populations about 55% of them are young and productive and it has non colonized virgin minerals. Rivers, green forests endemic wild life, attractive cultures within its 80's nation and nationality languages are uncountable hope for the country.

But now it needs some reinforcement to mobilize all its sources and NGO's like local EUCDRA and International development organizations can play a great role in encouraging the country development being real partners to bring basic change not to see again poverty and starvation standing beside the government policy and goals.   

        II. History

EUCDRA found in 2007 with a license No 0279 and it is a local charity organization that registered under the Ethiopian Federal Charities & societies Agency / CSA/.

The organization founder and members are the Ethiopian Emmanuel United Church. About 350 of the local churches of the denomination which has above 300, 000 members are the member of EUCDRA and participate to contribute 2% of their congregation offerings. This is a unique and historical contribution to handle a development wing of a denomination.

This contribution directly serves the head office to run whollistic experiences in each local church to accomplish the scripture Acts 2:47-42 and 4:32-36 

III.           Vision, Mission statements


v  Vision  

< To see whollistically transformed & well developed society that enable to divorce from all kinds of life poverty physical depression and environmental deterioration >




v  Mission

           <Bringing collectively whatever any one has and distribute /assist/ in compassion and devotion to all and make to the people and its environment comfortable for life to live.> 

v Major strategies

ð  Establishing whollistic services in the society

ð  Encouraging self initiation

ð  Building capacities

ð  Developing work ethics and focusing on sustainability

ð   Seeking the poor

ð   Integrated development

ð   Working in partnership and unity

v Core values

ð  Truth and Endurance

ð  Faithfulness and holiness

ð  Indiscrimination

ð  Charitable

IV.           Logo of EUCDRA

 - This logo is proclaimed by News letter and approved By CSA.



V.               General objectives

A.    Practicing integrated development works and bringing change to the community living standards.

- serving orphans

- serving youths

- Participating in Integrated rural & urban development

- Opening opportunities by providing schools & training centers

- Supporting HIV & AIDS victims and preventing other chronic diseases.

-  Primary support to women's

- Initiating & supporting with knowledge to those community based organizations /CBO/

B. Working for whollistic development & bringing tangible & sustainable result.

     - Developing human resources & structures in all locals and aware to start seed projects by themselves.

     - Distributing continuous trainings & workshops through local communities.

     - Encouraging projects which are owned by the community to reach poor's, retirees & handicaps.

C. Building the whole capacities of the organization

D. To establish concrete relationship, certainty of information, legality on every procedure

VI.   Experiences

EUCDRA has the following experiences and types of services in serving the needy through its partners.

A.     Korean FHI / terminated because of that the Koreans got their own license/

- Benshangul region / Kamash zone / about 500Km from Addis Ababa

-Supported 800 children & their family

-streams development, beehives, seed distribution, school rooms buildings, school material support, health support , socio- emotional support, Kitchens & Latrines buildings. 

B. Compassion International Ethiopia

     - School support, health support, socio- emotional support, Disaster support, Child and mother support program and HIV & AIDS Support, 

C.  Children Hope Chest Ethiopia

     - School support, health support, socio- emotional support, Disaster support, Child and mother support program and HIV & AIDS Support, 

D.  New Mission Systems International /NMSI is USA organization/

    - serving orphans and outreach children and targeting in provision of youth center to the community.

    - School support, health support, socio- emotional support, Disaster support, Child and mother support program and HIV & AIDS Support, 

E. Emmanuel United Local Churches

    - School support, health support, socio- emotional support, House & latrine maintenance support, children sport club organizing support and HIV & AIDS Support,

    - Retiree support.

    - IGA and CBO guide and support.





·         Accountability  experiences of EUCDRA

- Its license renewed 2 times perfectly.

-Use a bank account and signatories for each project.

-Every financial Income and expenses audited by external auditors as CSA principles which is through news paper bid processes on the last 6 years continuously.

-Income tax, pensions and other tax lows practiced regularly.

-Work with accurate Financial and admin policies through developing correct documents.

-Run every project by signing legal MOU with those concerned regional sectors & develop project proposals mutually and doing assessments with them also Exchange reports formally

-Always open for monitoring & evaluation.

VIII. Future target of EUCDRA

- To accomplish the present charity works successfully

- To Increase partners organization

- To support the needy by providing school, health & hygienic, food and socio-emotional supports, stream development, seed provision,

- To reach the community on sustainable support / IGA, revolving fund support, school buildings, children & youth center provisions, etc/

- To serve retirees and handicaps / marginalize communities.

- To encourage the congregational recourses to satisfy the community need found around their radius.



NB. See the table . for further update information's.

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