Ethiopa Emmanuel United Church
North zone Emmanuel churches

In the northern region the Ethiopia Emmanuel United Church has less number of local churches comparing other regions. In fact, the last two years the church had focus on the northern part by sending missionaries around the area. We have plan to plant churches on the major cities. The church has sent missionaries to Bahir Dar since November, 2006 E.c. Because the people of the north are under the yoke of tradition, this makes evangelical work too difficult to break through. Besides, the works of sorcerers , false diviner and other occult practices have been another challenge for evangelism. The other is the challenge a new convert face. As a result, this region really needs much support to accomplish the mission.

We invite you in the Lord's love to support us the Emmanuel United church that has begun the evangelical mission in this region by praying by your finance and any other means. To get further evidence of the work done in this region we will down load on this page every evidence available.

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